Getting Enough Calcium


Dear Veghedda,
I became vegan about a year ago and feel (and look) much better. But family and friends keep telling me that I will develop osteoporosis if I do not resume consuming dairy. I don't think this is true, but don't know how to answer them, Milkless in Manhattan

Hi Milkless,
You not only look and feel better, your bones are better too. The main causes of osteoporosis are a) too much animal protein because the acid in meat has to be buffered and this takes extra calcium and most people on the standard American Diet (SAD) get too much protein and b) not enough weight bearing exercise. The bone do not store calcium unless it is needed. A professional tennis player has higher bone density in their dominant arm. A couch potato has low density in both arms. Go online to fine good non-dairy sources of calcium and keep moving.

Yours for good health,